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Default Properties

MQTT CLI uses some default values which can be overwritten. MQTT CLI stores the default values in a properties file which is located under the user home directory of your OS under $HOME/.mqtt-cli/

On the first successful execution of the CLI this file will be generated and will look like the following example:

A properties file lists all the properties as key-value pairs. Therefore you have to specify the values to the following keys if you want to overwrite the given default values.

mqtt.hostThe default address of the broker which the client will connect to.localhost
mqtt.portThe default port of the broker which the client will connect to.1883
mqtt.versionThe default mqtt version witch client will use.5 default client prefix which will be prepended to the randomly generated client names.mqttClient length of the randomly generated client id if none is given8
ws.pathThe default WebSocket path on a broker/mqtt
auth.usernameThe default username to use for authentication 
auth.passwordThe default password to use for authentication 
auth.password.envThe default environment variable to read the password from 
auth.password.fileThe default file to read the password from 
auth.client.certThe path to the default client certificate 
auth.client.keyThe path to the default client key corresponding to the certificate 
auth.server.cafileThe path to the default server certificate 
client.subscribe.outputThe default filepath to which all the received publishes of a subscribed client will be written to. See sub -of option 
logfile.levelThe default debug level for the logfile which may be one of the following values: {INFO | DEBUG | TRACE}DEBUG
logfile.pathThe default path to the logfile directory to which all the logs will be written~/.mqtt-cli/logs